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​Various Hearing Aid Features

+ Feedback suppression to eliminate squeals caused by audio loops

+ Directional microphone for improved hearing in noisy environments

+ Audio compression to automatically raise and lower amplification

+ Telecoil technology for additional amplification on telephone calls

+ Bluetooth allows connections to televisions, stereos and cell phones

+ Prescribed and fitted by a Doctor of Audiology, backed by a warranty

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IIC - Invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids are custom made to the shape of your ear canal and placed deep in the canal, near the ear drum. These aids fit a variety of hearing needs.

CIC - Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids are Custom for to the unique shape of your ear and almost invisible when properly inserted.  These aids fit a wide range of hearing needs

ITE - In-the-ear hearing aids are also known as full shell devices.  These hearing aids fit a wide range of hearing needs and can often be matched to your skin tone.  

ITC - In-the-canal hearing aids are also known as half shell devices.  These hearing aids fit a wide range of hearing needs and can often be matched to your skin tone.  

BTE - Behind-the-ear hearing aids fit those that need a little extra power in certain frequencies.  Often fit with custom ear molds, they can be matched to your hair or skin color.  

RITE - Receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids fit a wide range of hearing needs.  They are barely visible, being worn in the shadow behind your ear and often times blending with your hair.

Hearing Aid Types

Hearing Aid Selection

No one hearing aid brand can meet all the needs of all individuals with hearing loss. Some brands, styles or circuits will fit your situation better than others. This is why Gilliom Audiology remains a private practice; so we have the freedom to work with a wide variety of hearing aids, made by the leading brands. This allows us to prescribe a hearing aid perfectly suited to your lifestyle and level of hearing loss. At Gilliom Audiology one size doesn't fit all.

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