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How it Works - A specially trained doctor at Gilliom Audiology places the Lyric comfortably in the ear canal during a routine office visit. No surgery or complicated procedure is involved. Once placed, the Lyric is programmed to your specific hearing needs. You're provided a remote to turn the Lyric on and off, or to adjust any of the settings and control the volume as needed.

Sound Quality - Because invisible aids are placed deep in the ear canal they use the ear's natural anatomy to direct sound to the device. A more natural sound quality is created because the sounds amplification occurs closer to the ear drum.  Best of all, it's operates automatically.  You don't have to do a thing.

Custom Fit - No two ears are identical.  Our invisible aids are designed for ultimate comfort by customizing the size and shape.  Invisible aids will perfectly match every bump and curve of your unique ear canal.  Once properly placed, the aids will stay put no matter how active you are.    

The Revolutionary Invisible Hearing Aid - Available at Gilliom Audiology

Digital Technology - Super tiny.  Exceptionally powerful.  Essentially, the world's smallest computers.  The most advanced, digital technology available today.  Completely programmable to your individual hearing loss and hearing needs, these invisible aids work in harmony with your brain.

Completely Invisible - They wont even know you have hearing aids. As the smallest hearing device on the market today, this invisible aid's miniature design allows it to be comfortably placed deeper in the ear canal, near the drum. The deeper placement makes these aids completely unseen and invisible.

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